My Coverage Plan's patented technology solutions provide:


  •  a decision support tool that optimizes patient coverage, generates alerts, and creates a health care coverage record for patients
  • a learning management system to cultivate public and private benefits knowledge coupled with advocacy skills
  • other tools to reduce avoidable health disparities


Stop uncompensated care before it starts.

A technology company that works to reduce health disparities.

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Flexible & Adaptable


Advocus covers the complex and myriad topics of healthcare coverage programs and benefits, and serve to connect patients with appropriate, optimal, on-going coverage. Using Advocus, providers can customize the rules to cover unique patient populations and workflows.

An Interoperable Connection


Advocus promotes interoperability with electronic health record (EHR) systems to avoid frustration and wasted staff time. With support from EHR vendors, our tools can create and maintain custom connectors, as the vendorʼs technology evolves.


Safe & Secure


MCP took important steps to promote high levels of security for our product. MCP observes all HIPAA and HITECH requirements, and exceeds standards defined by law. Moreover, the Advocus database is only accessible through gated access, not general access.

 My Coverage Plan, ABC for Health, & ABC for Rural Health

Bobby Peterson,



In 1994, Bobby founded ABC for Health, the public interest law firm. In 2010, Bobby founded a new subsidiary organization, My Coverage Plan, Inc., an innovative new technology firm to help providers and consumers connect to and maximize all available health care coverage.

Brynne McBride,

Chief Operating Officer


Brynne engages in direct legal advocacy and litigation on behalf of clients, drafts and manages contracts, and negotiates with federal, state, and private benefits and insurance institutions.

Rich Lavigne,

Managing Attorney


Rich provides direct legal advocacy and representation to clients along with general program support, writing and editing services and development assistance.

Mike Rust,

Chief Operating Officer


Mike focuses his advocacy efforts on access to mental health and substance use treatment services; while also continuing to work on issues related to EPSDT, Birth Cost Recovery, and the development of training and tech to support benefits counseling

Taylor Smith,

Lead Developer


Taylor specializes in interface design and user experience. Taylor received a B.A. in Mathematics from Arizona State University and completed his post-bacc work in both linguistics and computer science.

Ryan Co,

Executive Assistant


Ryan specializes in management, admin, graphic design, and video. Before coming to work for ABC, he worked as an associate producer at an independent film studio where he helped write, film, and edit a number of documentaries and short films.

Polly Shoemaker,

Staff Attorney


Polly is a graduate of the UW-Law School, where she received the V. Russell Whitesel Award for Excellence for her work in the Government & Legislative Clinic and the Katherine Held Memorial Award for her contributions to the Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society.

Kenton Zink,

Health Benefits Counselor


Kenton is a Bilingual Health Benefits Counselor Manager. Kenton conducts interviews and provides counseling services to patients under provider contracts, engages in direct patient advocacy on behalf of clients, and negotiates with federal, state and private benefits and insurance institutions.



Patented decision support tool


My Coverage Plan's patented technology solution provides a decision support tool that optimizes patient coverage, generates alerts, and creates a health care coverage record for patients.


Our suite of tools will interoperate with electronic medical records to promote efficiency and avoid duplicate date entry.


Our product development pipeline includes a variety of tools that enhance provider knowledge and skills to better support patient needs and services.


Finally, our suite of products under development include tools to verify the competency and certifications of provider staff to help patients and tools that promote compliance with federal charity care regulations.

My Coverage Plan, Inc. (MCP), is a subsidiary of ABC for Health, Inc. (ABC) a Wisconsin based nonprofit law firm. Since 1994, ABC has helped consumers obtain and maintain health coverage and trained health provider staff about coverage options. MCP is selling a web-based health benefits screening and counseling decision support tool to hospitals and other providers.


MCP products allow providers to help patients optimize health coverage programs and create a coverage roadmap that adjusts to changing life events. Patients optimize coverage and providers secure more revenue. MCP received patent protection for the software in February of 2012. MCP has three active provider customer partners. The NIH supports portions of the development work through SBIR funds to reduce health disparities.


ABC & MCP Partnership + Healthcare Providers + Patients


With our partners at ABC for Health Inc., MCP works with urban and rural Wisconsin providers to help build the tools and technology solutions to help disparity patients. Currently our partnership includes St. Mary’s and SSM Wisconsin and Meriter Unity Point Health providers in south central Wisconsin. In Northwest Wisconsin MCP is under contract with ABC for Rural Health Inc., to help build a health benefits counseling network of a rural critical access hospitals, a local public health office, a county based behavioral health program and an advocacy organization. The SafetyWeb Network project is funded under a Rural Network Development initiative through federal Health Resources and Services Administration.


Up front, Proactive, Patient-Centered


The MCP advantage includes a proactive patient-centered approach that helps patients optimize and maintain health coverage and helps providers increase revenues. MCP promotes up front revenue and reduces ineffective backend collection actions and costs. MCP tools inform a sophisticated understanding of both public and private payment options. MCP both secures and saves money for providers, and promotes positive community relations.

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My Coverage Plan, Inc. is a subsidiary of ABC for Heath, Inc. Advocacy and Benefits Counseling for Health Inc. (ABC) is a Wisconsin-based, nonprofit public interest law firm dedicated to ensuring health care access for children and families, particularly those with special health care needs or who are at risk. My Coverage Plan, Inc. was made possible in part by grant number 5R44MD005810-04  from the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities. Copyright © 2018 My Coverage Plan, Inc.™, Gurulz™, Revenuz™, Advocus™. All Rights Reserved.