My Coverage Plan is a software developer and service provider that emerged from a nonprofit public interest law firm, ABC for Health Inc.

Grounded in a mission of service to help people secure health insurance and coverage, My Coverage Plan creates technology solutions that helps shield patients and providers from the pain of medical debt.


My Coverage Plan’s patented technology portfolio includes our flagship application: Advocus, a decision support tool that works--at the start of the revenue cycle--to optimize patient coverage, generate alerts, and create a health care coverage record and roadmap for patients.


Your Shield Against Medical Debt

Development Methodology


Flexible & Adaptable

Our products simplify the eligibility process for ever-changing healthcare coverage programs. The technology connects patients to the right coverage at the right time. Our technology is customizable based on the workflow of our customers and changing program rules.


Interoperable Connections

Our software is designed to interoperate with electronic health record (EHR) systems to avoid frustration and wasted staff time. With support from EHR vendors, our tools can create and maintain custom connectors with evolving technology.


Safe & Secure

MCP products observe all HIPAA and HITECH requirements, and exceeds standards defined by law. Our storage solutions enforce strict data siloing and encryption, and ensure personal information is only accessible over secure connections


About My Coverage Plan, Inc.


My Coverage Plan, Inc. is a subsidiary of ABC for Heath, Inc. Advocacy and Benefits Counseling for Health Inc. (ABC) is a Wisconsin-based, nonprofit public interest law firm dedicated to ensuring health care access for children and families, particularly those with special health care needs or who are at risk. Since 1994, ABC has helped consumers obtain and maintain health coverage and trains health provider staff about coverage options.


MCP products harness decades of ABC’s frontline advocacy and package that knowledge into deployable software solutions. MCP’s flagship application, Advocus, enables providers to improve their patients’ healthcare coverage options and create a coverage roadmap that tracks and responds to their changing life events. This creates a unique win-win: patients receive informed and optimized coverage recommendations and providers secure more revenue from a better-covered patient population.


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Meet the Subject Matter Experts at

My Coverage Plan, Inc., ABC for Health, Inc., & ABC for Rural Health, Inc.

Bobby Peterson,



Bobby is the founder and Executive Director of ABC for Health, Inc. and My Coverage Plan, Inc. A 1987 graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School, Bobby began his law career at the Center for Public Representation. In 1994, Bobby founded ABC, which continues to connect children and families with health care benefits through advocacy and benefits counseling. Bobby has extensive experience representing clients with access to health care and coverage issues, particularly health insurance claim denials. In 1998 he helped found the Public Interest Law Section of the State Bar of Wisconsin. In 2011, Bobby was recognized by the State Bar Public Interest Law Section with the Dan Tuchsherer Lifetime achievement award. In 2005 he helped initiate HealthWatch Wisconsin, a statewide outreach, education, and advocacy organization that promotes better access to health care and coverage. In 2010, he founded a new subsidiary organization, My Coverage Plan Inc, an innovative new technology firm to help providers and consumers connect to and maximize all available health care coverage. Bobby loves to travel and to explore new places. He enjoys a good craft beer, food from the grill and a strong cup of black coffee in the morning.

Taylor Smith,

Lead Developer


Taylor Smith is a web developer for ABC for Health, Inc. and My Coverage Plan, Inc., where he specializes in interface design and user experience. Taylor received a B.A. in Mathematics from Arizona State University and completed post-bacc work in both linguistics and computer science. His professional background ranges from documentation of endangered languages to choral music arrangement to tech consulting for arts-centric startups. When not building the face of MCP’s applications, Taylor enjoys a number of creative hobbies including music, writing, and photography, and harbors a minor obsession with board games

Brynne McBride,

Chief Operating Officer


Brynne is the Chief Operating Officer for ABC for Health Inc., where she has provided program and grants management, financial operation, and legal services support services since 2007. Brynne helps translate the agency’s direct client work into education, training, and policy recommendations, contributing to HealthWatch Wisconsin, Inc. Before ABC, Brynne worked as an attorney for Wisconsin Judicare, a Legal Services Corporation office in northern Wisconsin. She received a law degree from the University of Iowa College of Law and degrees in Chemistry and Political Science from Bryn Mawr College. Brynne and her husband live in Madison, but spend most weekends on their organic farm in rural Jefferson County where she gardens, cans fruits and vegetables, and sips coffee while enjoying views from the old porch swing.

Mike Rust,

Chief Operating Officer


Mike is the Chief Operating Officer of ABC for Rural Health in Balsam Lake, WI. Mike is a Health Benefits Counselor and a pioneer in developing the concept and practice of health benefits counseling. Through his investigative efforts, he uncovered widespread misapplication of the Medicaid Deductible Feature, the Family Fiscal Unit determination process, and birth cost recovery systems. He has written a health care competency model and curriculum for Wisconsin's public health workforce, and he continues to work with health care providers and public health offices across Wisconsin to promote clinic, hospital, and agency-based health benefits counseling. Over the past two years, Mike has focused his advocacy efforts on access to mental health and substance use treatment services; while also continuing to work on issues related to HealthCheck (EPSDT), Birth Cost Recovery, and the development of training and technology to support benefits counseling work at clinics, hospitals, and health departments.



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